Feeding Lorikeets At Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

The Rainbow Lorikeet is a very vivid and bright coloured bird that is synonymous with Australia. These little parrots have quite the attitude and provide hours of entertainment as you watch them interact with each other or other birds, or perform acrobatics in the trees while getting nectar from flowers. And you will be in awe of their incredible flying skills and speed in which they deftly dodge trees and fences.

If you are lucky (like me!), you may get some of these birds come to visit your garden to eat the pollen and nectar from native trees that you have around or perhaps they come to visit your birdfeeder and enjoy their pieces of apple and lorikeet mix treat. If not, then the best way to experience these beautiful birds is to visit a wildlife park where they regularly feed them.

One of my favourite places to go to for this is the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. They have a morning and afternoon feeding session with wild lorikeets everyday. They have a special feeding arena set up in front of the entry into the Sanctuary so everyone is welcome to attend the feeding times for free. But if you would like to personally feed the birds, it only requires a small donation for a plate of nectar and the birds will not leave you alone! It really is an experience you can’t afford to miss. I have been to the Sanctuary a number of times now, and I have been both a participant in the lorikeet feeding as well as an observer, and it is clear that everyone who goes, young and old alike, all have smiles on their faces and even squeals of delight as the lorikeets land on them for a feed. Be prepared for a lot of noise and for birds to fly over and around you and even sit on your arms or head!

Here are a few videos I have taken on 21 April 2015 showing what it’s like to be at the rainbow lorikeet feeding at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. On this day, the number of birds was not too great, but neither was it small. The number of wild birds present at each feeding session is dependent on the weather conditions and their natural food supply.

First up, this video shows the feeding arena and people feeding some lorikeets.

This video shows what is called a “fright flight” where something scares the birds, like a larger predatory bird flying nearby, and one makes a fright call and they all take off in the blink of an eye. But it’s not too long before one bird says it’s safe to return and they fly back in to continue their feeding frenzy.

This video is of the lorikeet ferris wheel. There are two of these structures within the feeding arena and as you can see, the birds love them!

This video is a close up among the participants showing them feeding the lorikeets.

Visit the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary’s website for more details and lorikeet feeding information. This is definitely a “must do” if you’re in the area as it’s a great experience for international visitors and Aussie families as well. Hot tip – wear a hat!


Fun family outing feeding the lorikeets at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.
Fun family outing feeding the lorikeets at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.