Devils In Action

I’ve got a few videos of Tasmanian Devils in action that I’d like to share. These videos are of devils that are in wildlife sanctuaries.

This is a short video of a close up of a Tasmanian Devil at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. This is a male devil called Storm and he’s quite old, more than 10 years old. You can see him sniffing the air as he’s relaxing. I wonder he’s thinking while we humans look on ….

This video is of Tassie Devils Storm and Luna at The Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary at feeding time. You can watch the devils getting fed there almost everyday. Watch Luna biting off bits of meat and bone to eat until Storm turns up to take it off her and then you can hear the loud sniffing sounds they make as they discuss who’s going to eat what.

This last video is of some devils at The Australian Reptile Park (apologies for the loud microphone of the keeper in the next pen). Even though they make a lot of noise, these young devils are only playing. Can you imagine what it would be like if they really meant business!!??