Weekend Visitors

Winter has started here in Australia and food sources must be getting more scarce because we are now seeing more animals visiting our place. This past weekend saw quite a few visitors and I managed to capture some shots of them.

Here are some sulphur crested cockatoos and rainbow lorikeets feeding together without too much fighting.

Here’s a cute little scaly breasted lorikeet eating up the leftovers after the cockatoos and rainbow lorikeets had their fill.

scaly lorikeet


This is a noisy minor who eats nectar as well as meat and often makes the most of any opportunity to take some lorikeet feed.

noisy minor


Here is a kookaburra sitting in the tree watching it all.


A magpie also visited.


Two pied currawongs hung around for awhile as well.

pied currawong

pied currawong 2

And one night we were lucky to have been visited by three brush tailed possums!


I wonder who will come for a visit next weekend?