Baby On Board!

baby possum 210715


Isn’t this cute?

I was so happy to capture this image on my camera on 21st July 2015. We had seen the mother possum a few nights in a row passing through, her pouch bulging, and on this night we put out some food hoping she would stop by. When I heard some scrabbling on the veranda, I grabbed my camera, turned on the outside light, and waited quietly about six feet from the food. Sure enough, after a minute or so, mother possum waddles over to get something to eat and the baby was riding on her back! I think it could have been baby’s first night out of the pouch because it was looking around and sniffing, very curious about everything.

This was so amazing to experience, it’s not often you get to see such a little possum, and when you do, it’s usually through the glass door, but this time I was outside, sitting patiently close by (and freezing my butt off in the chilly winter night air!).

I’ll be keeping an eye out for mum and bub to visit again and hope to show you some more pics of how the baby is growing up.

Note – no flash was used when taking this photo and I have lightened it up a bit so you can better see it.