Putting Up Nesting Boxes


We thought we would try our hand at making some animal nesting boxes and putting them up around our property, I’m sure you can never have too many homes for the natives in developing suburbia.

It was quite easy to find some plans and information on the internet, wildlife carer organisations are the most informative, and we worked out what boxes to make, how many, and where the best locations were. My husband created these wonderful new homes for our local wildlife and a friend of his had access to a giant ladder to help place them up high in the trees.

Here are some pictures of a kookaburra nesting box and where we wended up placing it. Looks a bit odd, doesn’t it? It’s actually a very long box with a big opening and was the most difficult to place in the tree. Apparently, kookaburras only use a nest when raising chicks and we are probably too late for this season, so this box may stay unoccupied for quite some time.



Here are 2 microbat boxes we put up. We’ll get a fantastic clear view of them coming and going from these boxes from our front veranda once the new residents move in.


microbat boxes

Here are 2 sugar glider boxes we put up. Can’t wait to see these guys!

Here are 2 feathertail glider boxes we put up. Looking forward to seeing these little fellers when they turn up.

And here is a brushtail possum box we put up.

And this is our original possum box we installed several years ago alongside the house. It took several months before anyone started using it, but it definitely does get used quite often.

I know it could be some time before the animals realise these new homes are ready and available, but I’m really looking forward to seeing what new residents turn up and how long it takes! Stay tuned!!


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