Miniature World On A Milkweed

I think it’s amazing what’s around you everyday without you ever realising it. If you actually take the time to slow down and really look at things, and I mean really look hard, you might just get a surprise to see incredible things you’ve been missing all along. This is what happened to me recently. I was walking around the yard looking for something interesting to photograph for my 365 Days of Oz Wildlife Pix Challenge and I stumbled upon a whole little world thriving on a milkweed!

This is the milkweed plants –

Looks just like a boring old weed, doesn’t it? But if you get up real close, you can discover all sorts of wonderful creatures living on this plant.

The first thing that caught my eye was a ladybird!


Here’s a bit of video I took of the ladybird crawling around on a leaf. It was a bit windy so it was hard to film it without too much swaying, but I think you can see her pretty well.

And here’s a close up picture of the ladybird’s face. Pretty cute isn’t she?

ladybug front

I also saw this odd little thing, I’m not sure what it is exactly, maybe a ladybird larvae?

I guess the ladybirds were there to eat the aphids living on the milkweeds. There were tons of them!

If you get up real close, they are the most bizarre looking creatures. You can see them moving in this video I took.

And there were also these other aphids I saw on the plant. These were darker in colour and I think the whitish coloured things are their shed skins.

And finally, I found two different spiders on the milkweeds. I don’t know what they are.

And to think these miniature creatures have been living there all along, some place I walk pass almost everyday, and had no idea they were there!

What mini surprises have you discovered in your backyard?