Ibis Colony Revisit: Babies growing fast!

I thought I would drop by the little ibis colony behind my husband’s work again today, seeing as I was last there 2 weeks ago, and see how the baby birds are doing. I got such a shock when I saw how much the two babies had grown in such a short time and that there were also more babies!

The two baby birds I saw 2 weeks ago have gone from this –

to this!

Here’s a video of some ibis that was there and you can see there are 4 chicks (2 in each nest) on the left hand side.

I also got to see a parent feed their chicks!

I noticed there were a few other birds nesting so they be sitting on eggs. I’ll have to go back and revisit in another 2 weeks and see how everyone’s grown. 🙂

If you’d like to see my original post on the ibis babies from 2 weeks ago, click here.


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