Ibis Colony Revisit Update

I went to visit the small ibis colony near my husband’s work again this morning to see how the babies were growing. Still can’t get over how quickly the little ones grow up.

In my previous post about the ibis 2 weeks ago, I saw 2 baby ibis being fed by their mother. Here’s what they looked like today.

The 2 baby birds seem to grow at different rates, one has a darker longer beak than the other, I’m guessing it’s the stronger baby of the two and probably gets more food from the mother.

I also found the nest of the original baby ibis I saw 4 weeks ago. Here’s a photo of one of the babies I saw then, and one as they looked today.

I think it’s about ready to start learning to fly, it was standing in the nest and kept looking around all the time. I think the parent(s) were on a branch in a tree close by, up high watching, and there was another ibis about the same size as this one, flapping about precariously above the young one in the nest, so maybe it got to fly first.

Today I also got the opportunity to see eggs in a nest! There looks like two of them. Here’s a photo of the mother standing up in the nest and you can see the eggs in the nest.


It was really hot this morning too. I arrived at the colony about 9.30am and it was already 31 degrees Celsius.  I think the poor ibis were feeling the heat as well, one big nest was right in the sun and several of the birds, old and young, were panting. Here’s a short video.

I also noticed that one of the adult birds seemed to be picking on one of the younger ones and you can see that going on in the video above. Not sure what’s going on there, but it looks like several nests are really close together and there’s a bit of fighting going on. Or maybe that bird was just hot and grumpy! Anyway, I’ll try and go back soon to see if I can see the new babies from the eggs I saw today and check up on how the others are growing. It’s just amazing how fast they grow!

You can see my original post about the ibis colony here and my last update here.

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