Baby Lorikeets

Summer is now well and truly here and all the baby birds are growing up. We have a number of young ones around at the moment, magpies, currawongs and rainbow lorikeets. As they are getting bigger and older and now flying, their parents seem to allow them to be closer to our house and there is less swooping of the magpies since their young ones are bigger too. I’ll be updating the baby magpies and currawongs soon, but today I wanted to share a video of some baby lorikeets I took recently.

Baby lorikeets have a high pitched screeching sound and we’ve been hearing it for a few weeks and the noise has been getting closer and closer to the house. Then I heard them on the veranda and saw that there was one in the bird feeder and when I grabbed my camera and started filming, I then saw there were two babies! I call them babies but they look almost as big as an adult but appear to have shorter wings and tail. And in the video below you can see both babies screeching and following an adult lorikeet about in the bird feeder, so they both look like they are still being fed by their parents. This is only the second time I have ever seen young lorikeets.



2 thoughts on “Baby Lorikeets

  1. It is a sound I hear almost every day in my Bottlebrush trees, they do enjoy telling everyone how much they love their nectar and flowers. Lovely to see the young ones, thanks for sharing Sue:-)


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