New Pied Butcherbird Family

Since the magpies around our house had a nest with babies, they have been scaring off all the regular meat eating birds, and it’s only now that their babies are nearly grown and becoming independent that they are more tolerant of the other birds. It’s been nice to see the pied butcherbirds returning and singing their musical songs while perched on our veranda. I thought they might have babies in a nest nearby themselves because they collected any meat I left out for them and disappeared with it. So it was a nice surprise yesterday when I saw two baby pied butcherbirds in the gum tree out the back. Of course they were screeching for food and an adult was patiently sitting on the veranda railing waiting, so I put out a bit of minced beef and took this video.

Later in the day, I spied the young ones out the back playing with each other and being taught a thing or two by their parents. I took these videos from inside the house looking through a window so it may not be crystal clear vision and there is no sound so I just dubbed some music on it. Sorry about the steel framework getting in the way sometimes.

And here’s a video of a young butcherbird playing with some dead leaves. I love how he picks up bigger and bigger ones!

Pied Butcherbirds are one of my favourite birds. They have such an amazing song repertoire. I hope they continue to  stick around.


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    1. Thank you! I actually upload my videos onto YouTube and then I put the link in my post. I think you can upload videos from your computer to WP but I’ve not done it. The YouTube option is easiest for me. 🙂


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