Baby Currawongs

Even though the pied currawongs are a rather large bird, they are very timid and get scared off easily by the magpies, so it’s been hard to get some decent photos or footage of them.

Here’s a few photos I managed to get of the young ones.




Here’s a video clip of a baby currawong that’s waiting for food from Mum.

The parents had 2 babies, but I did see a third one around that always flew after the mother who had food to feed them, so I’m not sure if there was a third baby bird or whether it is someone else’s baby because I didn’t see the parent feed it.

I haven’t seen or heard any of the baby currawongs for the last 3 days,  and the last time I saw them, the mother was still feeding them but she also pecked them afterward making them screech and fly away from her.

Now I am only seeing 2 adults who make an appearance after a bit of food, but they eat it in front of me and then fly away, so they appear to not be feeding anyone else. I don’t know much about these birds, but perhaps the young ones have all grown up and gone off on their own now.  If so, good luck to them!