Celebrating My First Year Blogoversary

Today is my 1 year blogoversary! When I started out writing this blog, I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy it or how long it would last, but here I am 12 months later, still enjoying the blogging world and sharing my wildlife experiences with others who have the same interests as me.

Looking back on my early posts, I can see that I have changed the way I wrote my posts and also tweaked the appearance of the blog itself too. I initially started off being more of an educator but this took a lot of my time to research, so I changed it to just posting my photos and videos with a bit of explanation, and I think this works a lot better.

Reflecting on all the wildlife I encountered in my first 12 months of blogging, these are the highlights for me –

First time seeing a tawny frogmouth in the wild. (You can read my post about it here).

Realising that something that looks bland can actually be quite beautiful. (You can read about the Granny’s Cloak Moth here).

My visit to the Boondall Wetlands. (You can read about that here).

The discovery of an ibis colony nearby and seeing their eggs, babies, and fledglings. (You can read about my last visit here).

All the baby animals I saw this past year! Watch the slideshow below to see photos of some of them.

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And  I started an Instagram account and have made myself a challenge to post one photo a day for 365 days of the wildlife I see everyday. You can follow me here and you can search my hashtag #365daysofozwildlife to see all my Instagram photos.

Thanks for reading my posts and liking, commenting and sharing during my first year of blogging. It’s a good feeling to be able to share my wildlife experiences with others who like the same things and I’ve enjoyed reading other people’s posts too.

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