New Resident in the Insect Hotel

A while ago we purchased 2 funny looking items called insect hotels – a little wooden house with bored holes and bamboo cut offs of various widths. We had never seen them before and thought it might be nice to attract insects around home, after all we plant native trees to attract the birds, so why not insects?

Here’s what an insect hotel looks like –

We actually left them sitting on the veranda for awhile, busy with other things, you know how it is, and then one day I saw this.

I don’t know what it is, but it looks like some sort of wasp. Anyway, that was the one and only time I saw it.

Then about two weeks ago, we decided it was about time to put up the insect hotel so we placed it on the side of the house. Not really sure that was a good idea after all and maybe we should have chosen a place further from the house ……

Then a few days ago, I noticed some green wax looking substance had been filled in one of the bamboo pieces. Then yesterday, when we returned from our grocery shopping there was something hovering about the insect hotel. When we got closer, the insect appeared to be finishing up filling a second piece of bamboo. I grabbed my camera and just managed to get one quick photo of the insect before it flew off and we haven’t see it again since.

Here’s what it looked like –

And here’s the two bamboo pieces containing the green waxy looking stuff.

I don’t know what the insect is, kind of looks like some sort of bee. Someone suggested it might be a leaf cutter bee. If you know what it is can you let me know? It’d be nice to know what’s going to come out of those green wax stoppers one day! 🙂


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