Butcherbird Duet

I always love listening to the various tunes sung by the pied butcherbird. So many different sounds they make. I managed to get a short video of two juvenile pied butcherbirds practicing their singing together. In the video you can also hear a juvenile magpie off camera who is also practicing his carolling. These young ones are fascinating to watch. I can’t think of any other bird who puts so much gusto into their singing with full body movements accompanying their beautiful tunes.

And if you want to listen to more of the magpie’s sweet carolling, you can watch this video. You can hear the young butcherbirds off camera.

Birds have quite the character, don’t they! 🙂

One thought on “Butcherbird Duet

  1. I love the Butcherbird song, especially the Pieds which I miss here in Sydney. I have a little Grey Butcherbird that visits me every day several times and bathes in the dogs drinking water, and he is such a delight to hear and see. It is always a laugh watching the young learn to call, I found the Kookaburras the same, and have featured them trying to laugh on previous blogs. Thanks Sue for sharing this delightful footage:-)

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