Crow Fighting Himself

Over the past week or so we have had a crow constantly turning up and attacking his own reflection in the tinted glass sliding door of our workshop/games room.

It appears that it may still be breeding season and the crow is acting territorially. We have already had parent crows raise a few young ones, so perhaps the continuation of the warm weather here in SE Queensland is extending the breeding season past summertime.

Crows are a member of the corvid family and are quite intelligent birds, but this particular male crow seems to be very persistent in fighting off the “other” crow he sees in the glass door. And he is quite noisy about it!

Here’s a video I took from a distance watching the crow attack the glass door.

And the other day I happened to be inside the games room when suddenly there was a very loud bang on the glass door and when I turned around to look, the crow had started attacking the glass again. Here’s a video I took from the other side of the door.

Once I moved closer to the door the crow saw me and flew off.

Thankfully, he has been coming around less and less now, so I suppose he’ll settle down and stop this silly business once he settles down with a mate.




2 thoughts on “Crow Fighting Himself

  1. I believe this is a torresian crow. I did a quick search on the internet when I saw the crow behaving this way and other people were writing about similar experiences with the same type of crow. It seems to cease when the bird finds a mate.


  2. Birds do have a problem with reflections, especially territorial birds, as they think they are being overtaken. I have seen Superb fairy wren defend its female against its own reflection also. on the lower windsreen of my car. I am interested to know what crow this is, as I can not tell well from the video, as I know you get crows more up Queensland way, we tend mainly to get Aussie Ravens.

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