Native Bees And Honey Bees

Not long ago, I was in the backyard and came across some unusual looking insects around the water lily in the pond. A bit of research showed they were actually Australian native bees!  These stingless bees are called Tetragonula Carbonaria. They are quite tiny and very obscure looking and don’t really look anything like the usual honey bee you see in your garden.

This photo shows you just how small these bees are –

I managed to get a photo when there were 2 bees in the flower and then 3 bees –

I even managed to get a short video of one of the native bees and you can watch it gathering pollen.

On the same day, I saw one of the regular honey bees. Here are a few photos I took from different angles (this bee was quite co-operative!).

And this is a short video I took of a honey bee in action.

Previously I had discovered there were resin bees on our property and you can read my post about them here.

Amazing what you find when you look hard in your own backyard!



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  1. Interesting and beautiful footage about our tiny bees. I was attacked by large English bumble bees while in Tasmania, they were attracted to my cologne, I had to stop using it, it was sending them wild. Thanks Sue for sharing this interesting part of our wonderful land:-)

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