Chiming Wedgebill

I just had to share this lovely little bird that I came across at a recent visit to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

chiming wedgebill

This is a chiming wedgebill also known as a chiming whipbird. It’s a small grey bird measuring about 20cm in length and has a dark beak and a dark crest on its head. They can be found in Central Western Australia and some parts of Northern Territory and South Australia. They live in dry country and eat insects off the ground and small trees. Apparently they are difficult to see in their natural environment but can easily be heard. Have a listen to my video and see if you think the chiming wedgebill really does chime!

Alas, his singing efforts were in vain, for here is his mate trying to snooze in the late afternoon. 🙂

chiming wedgebill



4 thoughts on “Chiming Wedgebill

  1. What a beautiful bird, thanks for sharing Sue, I have only heard one in a cage at Blackbutt Reserve in Newcastle and it certainly drew my attention. I would love to find one in the wild.

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