Update on the Dermatitis Possum

You might remember I wrote a post awhile ago about rescuing a brushtail possum joey from the deadly dermatitis disease and being able to happily watch her being released back into the wild. If you want to refresh your memory about this little possum you can read my story here.

Here is a photographic timeline of the joey so you can see her progress as she started to develop the disease and then when she was ready for release.

After the joey had been rescued and treated successfully she was able to be released back into the wild where she came from, which happened to be in our backyard. We saw her scamper off into the darkness on the night she was released and wished her luck.

We wondered if we would see her again. We also wondered if we would see her mum again because we hadn’t seen her since we rescued the joey.

Well, the answer is ….. yes!

A few weeks after the joey was released I checked the possum box where the mum and joey used to hang out and I got such a surprise to find BOTH of them in it!!

I know it’s the same joey because she has a bit of a V mark between her eyes made with shorter fur, where it has been growing back after the dermatitis made the fur fall out.

I was really happy that the joey looked well and was still in the area, and I was even happier to see that somehow she found her mum again.  Although I’m sure they won’t stay together for very long as the joey is nearly an adult and will be out on her own soon. In any case, it was nice to see both of them again. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Update on the Dermatitis Possum

    1. Thanks Denis. I think the young one will be fine, her mum’s been around for a few years now and has successfully raised a joey each time, this is the third one from her we’ve seen. Maybe these two girls just get on really well, because it’s not common to see a joey that big still hanging out with mum.


  1. A lovely success story in conservation Sue, you have a done a wonderful job, and they have honboured your loving care by continuing to entrust themselves to your possum box. Thanks for sharing:-)

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    1. Thanks Ashley. It’s always nice to get some closure on things like this, as you often wonder how the animal went after their release, so I was really happy to see both of them.

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