Wildlife Visitors In June

This is my participation in a monthly event called Wildlife Wednesdays hosted by Tina of My Gardner Says …..

June was the first month of winter in Australia. Here in Queensland we had a little rain but mostly it was sunny and warmish, and usually around 21 degrees Celsius during the day with quite cool mornings and evenings. We had our regular visitors, an unwelcome visitor, and an abundance of furry visitors!

Here are my photos of some of the wildlife that came visiting our backyard during June.


The wet weather brought in a lot of rainbow lorikeets looking for shelter out of the rain.

The rainy weather also brought out these monstrosities – a cane toad. These are introduced species to Australia and are an invasive pest.

One of our regular adult pied butcherbirds.

One of the regular juvenile pied butcherbirds who should start to colour up by the end of this year.

These two torresian crows are a pair that are resident on our property. It is said they have a white iris, but I think they look like they have brilliant blue eyes.

These are a male (on the left) and female king parrot, happily munching on leaves on this tree in our yard. We’ve been seeing a lot of them lately.

This is one of the three juvenile magpies on our property. He’s starting to get his adult colouring now.

The pair of kookaburras are still hanging around which is good to see.

I almost came face to face with this big golden orb spider when I was watering the pot plants one afternoon.

This is one of the many noisy miners that are around.

This is my friend Ramsey the magpie. You can find out more about him in one of my earlier posts here.

We had lot of night activity from the possums in June. It’s difficult to get good photos of them. Here’s one on the veranda railing looking for a snack.

This one took his piece of banana as a take away snack and incredibly perched himself between the end of the veranda and a small tree.

And our possum box was used regularly too. As far as I can tell, these are all different possums.

And I’ll leave you with a video of one of the young magpies practising his song. The Australian magpie has one of the world’s most complex songs in the bird kingdom. It’s a very beautiful flute like melody. You might have to turn up the volume as he was competing with the neighbour’s mower.





12 thoughts on “Wildlife Visitors In June

    1. Thanks Denis. I was surprised to see two possums in the box together seeing as they don’t like to share. Both must be young females, and it was cold that day!

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  1. Sue you have such a variety of bird visitors to your garden, your winter temps are a lot warmer than the summer temps here in the low teens and we have rain, rain, rain, Frances

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  2. What a wonderful back yard you have Sue! to have so many lovely visitors. That is too many Rainbows for me:-) I do love your Maggie footage, I always love hearing them yodeling in the mornings. Your possum box appears to be popular accommodation, and I just love that cute shot of the possum face looking up.. The cane toad, well we don’t want know about those guys down here, though we know they are coming down. Thanks again for a great post of our most popular wildlife:-)

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  3. Your winter doesn’t look drab to me at all!! I’m so impressed with the wide array of wildlife, especially your birds! It’s great so see so many unusual (to me…) animals–a treat of a post, thanks for participating in Wildlife Wednesday.

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