The Funny and Unusual Names for Clusters of Animals

The other day, a friend told me they heard that a group of giraffes was called a tower and thought someone was pulling their leg. After Googling it and confirming it, I thought this seemed quite appropriate for giraffes when you think about it.

It got me thinking, what other unusual names are there for different groups of animals?

I did some quick research on the internet and came up with some interesting words describing clusters of various animals. Some are funny, some are bizarre, and some of them just seem made up!

Here are just some I discovered that can be applied to animals in Australia. Which ones have you heard of?


A kaleidoscope of butterflies

A mob of emus

A rookery of albatross

An intrusion of cockroaches

A scourge of mosquitoes

A charm of finches

A smack of jellyfish

A murder of crows

A convocation of eagles

A gam of whales

A chatroom of galahs

A bask of crocodiles

A lounge of lizards

A parliament of owls

A drove of hares

A knot of toads

An ostentation of peacocks

A deceit of lapwings

A company of parrots

A wreck of seabirds

A squadron of pelicans

A gulp of cormorants

A wisdom of wombats

A siege of herons

A carolling of currawongs

A caravan of camels

A concentration of kingfishers

A skulk of foxes

An unkindness of ravens

A paddle of platypus


I hope you found this list interesting, and maybe also somewhat amusing!

If you know of any other unusual names for a cluster of animals, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

(The pictures included in this post are not mine and you can visit the site they originate from by clicking on them.)

8 thoughts on “The Funny and Unusual Names for Clusters of Animals

  1. These are fitting names Sue for the collective chorus or gathering of the same, however, I doubt many would remember what goes with which in many of the cases, yes I agree ‘a wisdom of wombats’ is a bit over the top:-)

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  2. Badfish outa water just did a post with a number of collective nouns for animals – some great ones here though – a charm of finches indeed, a squadron of pelicans sounds pretty right, a chatroom of galahs sounds just too made up, and a wisdom of wombats??? I mean, really….. lol
    Loved the parrot photo and the galahs…. 🙂

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