Threatened Species Week

Wednesday 7th September is Threatened Species Day here in Australia. It has been a day of commemoration since 1996, the year that marked the 60th anniversary of the death of the very last thylacine, or Tasmanian tiger, in captivity at the Beaumaris Zoo in Hobart, Tasmania.

Threatened Species Day is an important day. It is a time not only to reflect on what happened to the thylacine, but to raise awareness of the plight of many species in Australia that are endangered. It is a time to showcase the incredible work being done by individuals, non profit organisations, charities, and the government, in protecting our threatened wildlife. Although we may mourn the devastating loss of the thylacine, we should also celebrate the successes in saving endangered animals and overcoming obstacles in protecting our unique native wildlife for future generations.

Australia has a very long list of threatened species that includes not only the well known critically endangered Tasmanian devils and the Orange Bellied Parrot, but also includes species of plants, fish, mammals, marsupials, reptiles, birds, amphibians, arthropods, molluscs and echinoderms.

Once a species becomes extinct they are gone forever.

However, with effective management from all sides, every endangered species can be saved. We can all take positive action to prevent a species from disappearing forever.

This year, my acknowledgement of Threatened Species Day involves me publishing this post on my blog and contributing to a special event held at my workplace this week. We are all going to be wearing black and white on the day and holding a morning tea where some staff have volunteered to bake delicious cakes and biscuits to sell in the office to raise funds for the Save The Tasmanian Devil Appeal.

So check your local government websites for activities near you that will be happening all week all around Australia to raise awareness of what work is being done to save our threatened species.

How will you acknowledge Threatened Species Day this year?


2 thoughts on “Threatened Species Week

  1. It is so sad to read how many species have become extinct in out country since European settlement. This never happened with the original inhabitants. Now 86 creatures are on the Critically Endangered list. The Regent Honeyeater project is the largest community based project of its kind in the southern hemisphere. It would be wonderful to find that the Thylacine has survived and is alive deep in the Tasmanian forests, as they found about the Night Parrot they thought extinct for many years.

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    1. It was amazing indeed when the night parrot was rediscovered, so it would indeed be wonderful if the thylacine was still out there, although I think if I discovered them, I would probably keep it to myself.

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