New Bilby Exhibit at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

I have never seen a bilby in the wild so I was really happy when I heard that there was a brand new bilby exhibit at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary here on the Gold Coast.

Unfortunately, there weren’t any signs throughout the grounds that I could see telling you where to find them (although they may have them up now since it’s been a few weeks since my visit). After checking the Nocturnal House (where you would think they would be) and then walking around for ages looking for the bilbies, I eventually asked a Sanctuary volunteer.

I was quite surprised where the bilby exhibit was located. It’s not only difficult to find, but it’s in amongst a children’s play area. No wonder I couldn’t find it!

The exhibit itself looks quite good for the several bilbies they have, and they were quite active when I was there. Interestingly, they share the enclosure with endangered ghost bats! The exhibit is a long enclosure with a glass wall so even little ones can easily see the bilbies scampering about and also watch the ghost bats hanging from the roof. There is a door at each end of the walkway along the glass wall and it’s quite dark when the doors are closed with only a dim light to see by.

Unfortunately, because of the enclosure’s location, there were numerous kids running through the walkway, opening doors, screaming and yelling, standing in the doorway holding the door open so the whole place was flooded with light. Needless to say, I didn’t spend a lot of time there.

I later found out that the bilby enclosure is placed in that area because it’s part of the Sanctuary’s Kids Conservation Trail.

I think it’s great that the Sanctuary has added the bilby enclosure, they’re a native animal that most Australians wouldn’t ever get to see out in the wild. And I think it’s a great idea to get kids interested in wildlife and conservation as well. But if you want to see the bilbies, I would recommend that you go on a weekday when all the kids are at school! 😃

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