The Tasmanian Devil Network

Do you love Tasmanian devils? Well then, have you heard about the Tasmanian Devil Network?

The Tasmanian Devil Network is a community group I created at the beginning of 2016 on Facebook.

It’s a group for anyone who has an interest in the endangered Tasmanian devils.

Members of the group can share their photos, videos, and encounters with Tassie devils, either in the wild or in wildlife sanctuaries. Members can share websites, non profit organisations and charities relating to Tasmanian devils, as well as any fundraising activities by those organisations or individuals who aim to raise money to help save the Tasmanian devils from extinction. Members can also share anything of interest related to Tassie devils, for example, news items, books, artwork, collector pieces etc. Or perhaps you’d like a question answered about the furry little devils.

The Tasmanian Devil Network is a closed group which means only members can view the content. We’re a happy little group and love to see lots of photos of devils and keep up to date with the latest research on finding a cure for DFTD as well as raise awareness of fundraising events across the country. Our members are very friendly and genuinely interested in what everyone has to share. Our membership includes people like myself who can’t get enough of Tassie devils as well as people from several wildlife sanctuaries around Australia, and from organisations such as Devils In Danger and Save The Tasmanian Devil Appeal.

Interested? Then click here to visit the Facebook group page and request to join and myself or one of the other moderators will happily welcome you into our group.

Looking forward to seeing you there soon! 🙂

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  1. We saw quite a lot of Devils in Tassie early this year, mostly in the sanctuaries. It was interesting to learn more about how they do life. I have seen them challenge each other in the wild for food many years ago.

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