Review: Platypus Dreaming by ME Skeel


Published 11 May 2016

Format: ebook only

60 pages

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Platypus Dreaming is a real life animal adventure story about one of the world’s most mysterious animals. Everybody loves platypus but what do they actually know about these strange egg-laying mammals. This book will teach you and your children about the amazing world of the platypus while enchanting you with the adventures of one very lucky little platypus. Based on a true story.



Platypus Dreaming is a well written, educational and inspiring tale full of adventure.

Before the story begins, there is an introduction which has lots of interesting information about the platypus, much of which I was not aware of. The first chapter of the book then presents two short Dreamtime stories on how the platypus came to be, and I found them interesting reading. Then from chapter two we are treated to the adventure of Lucky the platypus.

Skeel has done a wonderful job in weaving into the storyline various facts about platypuses, making it easy to understand the life of this curious Australian animal, including their family hierarchy, behaviour, and their life in general. Also included in the story is wildlife trafficking, the challenges and rewards of being a wildlife carer, and lessons to be learned on treating native animals.

Platypus Dreaming is a wonderful telling of the adventures of a platypus. It is written in such a way that both children and adults alike will enjoy it, although it is aimed for children aged 12 and up. The story is based on real events experienced by the author and interspersed throughout the text are several real photographs of the platypuses characterised in the story. I learned a lot from reading this story and I think children who love animals and nature are sure to be delighted and enthralled reading this book.


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