It’s amazing how often a person’s spirits can be lifted when in the company of an animal, whether it be your beloved dog or cat, or another furry or feathered (or perhaps scaly?) friend. I am blessed to live in an area where we have many wildlife visiting or travelling through, and a day never passes when I am not lifted by these encounters. Just seeing a beautiful colourful parrot sitting in a gum tree, hearing a melodious birdsong, watching a water dragon sunning itself on a rock, or even seeing the most adorable possum joey riding on their mother’s back, taking in their new world with wide eyes, never ceases to make me feel good about being alive and appreciating the wonders of this world.

Please enjoy this slideshow of a small selection of some of my favourite willdife photos I’ve taken during 2016 as a celebration of my second year of  this blog. I hope they make you smile and warm your heart.

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8 thoughts on “Blessed

  1. What a wonderful thanksgiving offering Sue! A true ‘attitude of gratitude’ my friend. How blessed we all are to live in such a beautiful country and be free to enjoy its bounty and share it together. Thanks for for sharing this joyful heartfelt moment, which I am sure we can all connect with you in:-)

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    1. Thanks Ashley. I think having this blog and my interest in photography have helped me appreciate things around me more and I have learned so much simply by observing the local wildlife (and making a furry or feathered friend or two in the process!). An appropriate quote here and one that has meaning for me is “Let nature be your teacher” by William Wordsworth. No truer words have been said. 🙂

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      1. How true it is Sue, you can understand why I wrote my book, for you are in the same mindset as myself😊 When we’re in Britain we saw Wordsworth’s grave in Grasmere, I will always remember the peaceful and beautiful nature setting in and around the church yard. We felt such. Peace there😊

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