Fruit Snack for a Possum

Today there is a new visitor in one of our possum boxes. I think it’s a sub adult female brushie, possibly one of the two joeys we’ve been seeing who have now been pushed out into the world to make it on their own since both mother possums we see regularly now have another joey growing in their pouches.

It’s been very hot here over the weekend and when I went into the outside laundry to do some washing today, I checked the possum box for occupants before starting the washing machine because I try not to disturb them too much, plus it can get very humid in the laundry when the machines are running.

This is the lovely little face that greeted me.

I went back to the house and cut up a piece of rock melon from the fridge and brought it back for her. Here she is, sniffing the air, ready to get out of the box for a cold juicy snack.

I placed the fruit down in front of the box for her and waited to see what she would do.

Did you hear her crunching the melon seeds? And she’s eating the skin too!!

I think she’s now one happy little possum that appreciated a bit of cool fruit in this hot weather.

I guess the washing can wait!

11 thoughts on “Fruit Snack for a Possum

    1. Thanks Ashley. I’ve never seen a possum eat the skin of a melon before, usually they eat everything but and leave it behind. Each possum to their own I guess. 🙂

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  1. That was lovely video to see. I’ve been watching and waiting for my Golden Queen peaches to ripen, had them netted but a possum found it’s way in and there isn’t a trace of a peach to be seen.:-(

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