The Bazas Are Back

Last week I shared some photos of my first sighting of a Pacific Baza. Well, yesterday, they were back!

This time I was able to see them much more closely as they were flying over our house a number of times and landing in the trees around our home. I am really happy with the quality of photos I have this time as I didn’t need to use a zoom lens. The photos in this post are of three different birds, whereas last time, I couldn’t tell if I was photographing the same bird over and over because they were so far away.

I counted four Pacific Bazas on this occasion, and from my observations, I think it may be a family with young ones, especially as two of them seemed a little smaller than the others and their wingspan didn’t look as large. I watched one of them fly over to the neighbour’s place and dive down and then fly overhead with something in their talons. It then perched on a tree branch and there was lots of calling and then another one followed it from branch to branch.

To see these birds in flight is just magnificent. They seem to float effortlessly overhead, gliding through the air with ease. It was beautiful to watch. I tried to take photos of them flying past but it was too difficult, so I gave up and just enjoyed the show.

Thanks for visiting! 🙂

12 thoughts on “The Bazas Are Back

    1. Thanks Donna. I agree, their eyes are amazing, and they’re quite unusual with that little crest of feathers on their head. I hope they come back again.

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  1. Stunning photos of the Baza Sue! The mark of a top bird photo is the glimmer in the eye, and you have captured this so well. When I lightened up the first and last photo to compensate for the artificial darkening by the zoom and slightly darken the middle ones which were in the bright sunlight, I see even more of that unique colour and patterning. Thanks for showcasing this bird again, as it gives me more understanding of what to look for when I finally spot one. By the way, I never keep the photos of other bloggers, even if I play with them to check detail, I treasure only my own as you do yours, just stated that so you know I come from a platform of integrity. What a blessing to have this guy return, they probably are looking at your place as a possible source of food, as many birds come there, and bird is on their menu.

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    1. Thanks Ashley. No worries, I don’t mind you doing that at all. My computer monitor is off colour these days so it’s sometimes hard to tell if a photo is too dark and I hesitate in lightening it too much for fear of overdoing it. I have changed to a new blog theme which makes the photos a lot bigger now so readers should be able to enjoy more detail in my photos, especially macro shots, but the WP feeder doesn’t show this, so you have to click on the post to go to my actual blog and see the large photos there. I might have to include a reminder in my next post for people to do that. Thanks for dropping by today. 🙂

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