Bossy Mother Possum

We have a possum box in our outside laundry (long story!) and whenever I go down there I check if the box is occupied by standing on an old stool and reaching up and pointing my camera in the entrance hole. I never know what’s in there (if anything) until I pull the camera back out and have a look, I’m filming blind you might say. This is quite a precarious feat and it’s always in the back of my mind that one day it may not be a friendly possum that I find in there!

On this occasion, there was a mother brushtail possum (on the left) with her older female joey who were sharing the box.

I had brought some food with me in case there was a visitor, and on this occasion I had a carrot. By the time I broke the carrot in half, the young possum had climbed out of the box and was waiting expectantly for something to eat. I gave her one piece of carrot and before I could offer the other piece to the mother who remained in the box, the joey decided to climb back into the box.  I could hear some scuffling inside the box and the crunching of carrot, so I climbed up and put my camera in the entrance hole to the box and hit record.

The joey had a secure hold on to the carrot and mum was taking any opportunity to eat some of it. Just look at the determination on the little one’s face!

I then waited a bit and put my camera in the box hole again.

I bet the joey won’t be taking food into the box when mum’s there in future! 🙂




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