International Seal Day

March 22 is International Seal Day!

I thought I would celebrate the occasion by sharing some of my own photos of seals as well as some interesting trivia about these marine animals I came across on the internet.

Did you know?

  • There are 33 species of seals in the world, 10 of those are found in Australia, and 3 of those are listed as vulnerable. 
  • A seal’s diet consists of fish and squid, and seals in Antarctica eat krill (leopard seals are also known to eat penguins).
  • The Australian fur seal is the world’s 4th rarest species of seal.
  • A seal’s large front flippers help them to propel themselves when swimming while the back flippers help them to steer their body in different directions.
  • Threats to seals include the great white shark, killer whales, commercial fishing which reduces food sources for the seals, discarded plastic bags in the ocean that may be mistaken for food and swallowed, becoming entangled in fishing lines and nets, and water pollution.


I took the photos in this post in 2003 (which is why they are not crisp images and were actually from developed film and scanned onto the computer) on a boat trip off Bruny Island in Tasmania. It was exciting to see seals lazing about on the rock cliffs and even swimming in the water near the boat. This excursion was a highlight of our holiday and was quite an adventure despite the poor weather conditions and we were able to see plenty of seals, seabirds, and incredible scenery. I definitely recommend this boat trip if you’re in the area.

Did you see the cheeky fifth seal in the above photo? If not, take a closer look and you’ll soon spot him. 🙂


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  1. Lovey shots Sue, when I saw the first few shots they spoke Bruny Island adventure to me, and I was right! and Oh the smell!!! Yes it is a great place to get up close to them. Sadly in Seal Rocks area many years ago, the seal colony was wiped out by fisherman as they competed for the fish.

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