Giant Mushrooms in the Backyard

The last few weeks we have been having somewhat tropical weather here in South East Queensland, even though it’s autumn. The days have been averaging 30 degrees (86 F), humidity is very high (everyday has been a bad hair day 😕) and it has been raining a fair bit.

It was during a break in these weather conditions that I came across an amazing sight – mushrooms growing in the lawn, and they were massive!

I took the opportunity to do a “photo shoot” of the fungi and they actually made for an interesting array of pictures.

Couldn’t help but think of fairies in my garden when I saw these although being in Queensland, cane toads are probably more appropriate. 😝
This photo shows just how big the mushrooms are in comparison to my chickens.
I couldn’t resist getting a tape measure and finding out just how big they were.
And close by were these smaller ones.
And some little puffballs about 2 cm in size.
Close up of a mushroom stem showing a pretty golden sheen.
Hello from the other side. 🎶


View from the roof.
Close up of the gills.
And I even discovered wildlife on the mushrooms.

A bit of research indicates that these mushrooms are known as chlorophyllum massee or a false parasol mushroom and are a member of the agaricales family, and are quite common in tropical conditions.

Are they edible? I don’t know, and I’m certainly not going to try to find out!




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