Waxy Cap Mushrooms

All the warm, wet and humid weather conditions we’ve been having here in South East Queensland of late have certainly brought out some interesting fungi to look at.

I discovered this small patch of little yellow-orange mushrooms in the lawn. The biggest one had a cap of about 3cm in diameter and the tiniest one would have been less than a centimetre.

These mushrooms are called waxy cap mushrooms and are a member of the hygrophoraceae family. The caps and gills feel slimy or waxy and the gills are quite thick and white. The caps can be coloured grey, white or brown, or even brightly coloured yellow, orange and red. They are common fungi and can be found everywhere.

9 thoughts on “Waxy Cap Mushrooms

    1. Thanks Denis. And all is well here, had a lot of rain and wild winds and had a few branches come down from the gum trees on our property, but everything is fine, thank goodness.


    1. Thanks Tom. Things you don’t normally take too much notice of become quite interesting when you look at them up close.


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