6 thoughts on “On The Outside Looking In

  1. I love it Sue. Must be that time of the year. Last night I was washing the dishes and I heard this noise at the windows across the passage. On having a look I found my favourite Ringtail on the ledge scratching the glass and looking in at me. I had forgotten to feed him his apple in his tree. My big worry is that in 5 weeks we are getting a young Afghan and after 14 months some possums are very relaxed in the yard. Last Spring that one used to follow me across the front yard.

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    1. Great story about your ringtail, similar here where my favourite old possum is often seen standing on her hind legs at the glass sliding door waiting to be seen and given a feed. 🙂 And I’m sure the possums will be okay when your new dog arrives, they’re smart creatures.

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      1. That Brush tail sounds like you have spoilt her over time.
        I will need your optimism about the new dog Sue. Charlie did not have a good relationship. Sadly Afghans hunting instincts are strong as is their jumping ability. I will be doing a lot of watching and training.

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