Battle Scarred Butcherbird

The other day I was shocked to see one of my regular pied butcherbird visitors turn up looking like this.

Clearly, the poor bird had just been in some kind of fight, and it looked like it was a vicious one.

I’m happy to say that the bird turned up again the following day and looked nice and clean again. The bird seems fine and is continuing to visit us with the rest of its family. Here are pictures of what the bird looks like now.

It makes me wonder, who was the bird’s opponent and how did they look after the battle?


8 thoughts on “Battle Scarred Butcherbird

  1. It healed quickly Sue. Nasty when they fight over territory. Usually it is two Magpie families here as we live on a boundary . We only have Pied BB’s here. Recently we were outside eating lunch and a young Pied flew in and demanded food, it was very confident but we had never seen it before or since.

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    1. It might have looked worse than it actually was, or perhaps the bird had blood from the other party. They are very demanding birds when it comes to food. ๐Ÿ™‚ I bet you see some fights among the magpies, they’re vicious fighters too. My magpie friend Ramsay made an appearance last week and we found him on the driveway caught up in a vine of some sort and he couldn’t get away from Igor attacking him. My husband managed to hold him while I unwound the vine and then he took off before Igor could get at him again. Poor thing.

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    1. I suspect there was a fight between the pieds and the greys. They greys turned up end of last year and have moved from the back of the house to the front as well now, and when the pieds turn up they put on a defensive stance when a grey calls close by. I’m just glad that pied butcherbird seems to be okay.

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