9 thoughts on “Good Morning! What’s For Breakfast?

  1. Just like the kids coming to you for breakfast, lol. Beautiful capture, Sue! I’m ‘local’ to Donna213 above, and I’ve also only seen these birds at the Baltimore Zoo in their caged environment that we walk in and through. Next time, when I go and see them, I’ll be thinking of your Cookie I know!

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  2. OMG, they are so cute. I know they are noisy, but I like visiting the ones at our zoo. They have a huge enclosure where we can walk in and visit them. They are very friendly too.

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    1. It was so funny when all three looked at the camera at the same time! I love hearing their laugh, even if it is loud, and these guys are welcome around here anytime to clean up the snakes. 🙂


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