BBC Earth and the Real Happiness Project


We all know in our hearts that animals and nature make us genuinely happy, so BBC Earth is running the Real Happiness Project where their mission is to bring real happiness to people everywhere to improve their connection with the natural world.

Simply search for bbcearth on Facebook Messenger and interact with the Happybot to create your very own personalised Real Happiness Moment.

The Happybot will ask you a few simple questions with multiple choice answers which differ each time. You could be asked what mood you’re in, do you like feathers or fur, two legs or four legs, do you prefer cute or strange, etc. Once you’ve done that, the Happybot will only take mere moments to build your very own special Real Happiness Moment video that you can watch, save and share. The Real Happiness Moment created for you is a compilation of animal and nature scenes from the BBC accompanied to music, and clips seem to range between 10 and 60 seconds, I guess it depends on your answers to the questions.

It’s fast and easy to do and you can opt in for regular check ins and do multiple ones on the same day. It’s all up to you. And because you’re dealing with BBC Earth, you know it’s good quality that you’re getting, and they don’t spam you or contact you other than for your scheduled check in if you’ve requested it.

I’ve chosen to do a weekly check in, and each time, my mood and thoughts have been different, so each Real Happiness Moment created for me is completely unique. I have enjoyed every Real Happiness Moment I’ve received so far. The beautiful scenes of wildlife and nature really do lift your spirits, especially if you’re having a bad day. It’s like having your own custom made micro documentary delivered to you.

Here are a few of my Real Happiness Moments I’d like to share with you.

Check out the bird with the red berries in this one –

Nice images in this one and a tiny surprise near the end –

Life underwater –

Little things in this one –

Birds in slow motion –

And just because it’s cute –

Watch the official BBC trailer for the project below.

I know you’re smiling now and feeling all warm and good inside after watching the above trailer, so why not give the Real Happiness Project a try? 🙂

Happiness through Nature, what could be better than that!

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