Autumn In My Backyard

Being in Queensland means you don’t get to see the wonderful changing colours of the autumn leaves, unless you actually plant a deciduous tree in your yard, so these photos depict what I came across around my home during autumn.

dandelion flower
pink hibiscus flower
The last hibiscus flower
orange fungi
Large orange fungi, about as big as my whole hand, found at the base of a gum tree. I couldn’t move that forked twig as it was embedded in the fungus.
spider web
Delicate tendrils of a spider web on a grass stalk in early afternoon light
cassia flowers
Cassia flowers
white mushroom
Close up of a small white mushroom
pumpkin flower
There appears to be a pumpkin growing in the middle of the yard. I guess I can blame the possums for that! 😀
orange sunset
Beautiful orange sunset.
murraya flowers
Little white fragrant flowers of the Murraya
singapore daisy flower
Some rather sad looking flowers on the Singapore Daisy.
fruit lilly pilly
Fruit beginning to appear on the small lilly pilly tree.
yellow fungi
Some yellow fungi growing in the yard
coastal morning glory flower
Beautiful purple flower of the Coastal Morning Glory
red natal grass
Young seed heads of a Red Natal Grass highlighted by the afternoon sunshine
dew on leaf
Early morning dew on a discarded leaf look like tiny crystals
dew on leaves
Tiny dew drops on some leaves look more like rhinestones in the early morning light
Lovely pink wispy clouds at sunset
wattle flower
Wattle tree in flower

What was autumn like in your backyard?

7 thoughts on “Autumn In My Backyard

    1. Thanks Denis. I remember we had a liquid amber in the backyard when I was a kid. It provided lots of shade in the summer, and the changing colours of the leaves in autumn were beautiful, but yes there were plenty of leaves to clean up afterwards!

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      1. In our suburban area lots of Californian Bungalows were built in the 1920’s with State Bank finance and house plans to be chosen from. In most of these house yards a Liquid Amber was planted at the front . Ours is as old as the house, 1923.

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    1. I do miss the changing colours of the leaves in autumn that I used to see growing up in Sydney. But it seems that they were introduced trees as I have just recently discovered that Australia pnly has the deciduous boab and cedar trees which lose their leaves before the dry season and that Australia has one native true deciduous tree which is the beech in Tassie. I’ve never been there in autumn so that’s now on my to do list!

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