Lots of Lorikeets!

We’ve had a decent drop of rain here on the Gold Coast over the last several days, and there has been more than the usual number of rainbow lorikeets turning up for a quick feed. In fact, yesterday there were so many of them, I had to put out a second dish of feed but it still wasn’t enough!

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21 thoughts on “Lots of Lorikeets!

  1. Your video was a great opportunity for your readers to “experience” this beautiful display of lorikeets. Thank you for sharing it. I was in Australia two years ago and was amazed at the wonderful colors of birds in your country.

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    1. It is unusual to have this many but I think being rainy and winter there isn’t much natural food sources for them at the moment. They’re actually eating a nectar mix, they don’t eat seeds much. πŸ™‚

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    1. They are certainly very colourful …. and extremely noisy! I don’t usually have this many visiting but I think it’s because it’s winter and has been raining and there isn’t much food for them at the moment.

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