Magpie Meanderings

Recently one afternoon I saw our resident magpies, Igor and Maggie, strolling casually around the yard looking for bugs and worms.

Maggie standing tall
Igor on the lookout (he seems to be missing some black feathers maybe from moulting or a fight with the currawongs)
Maggie on the hunt
Igor having a scratch
Maggie and Igor
The lovely couple
Maggie dives in for a catch
One of the kids joins in
Like father like son
Found something!
Off they go as a family searching for food

It was actually quite relaxing sitting on the veranda and watching the birds walk around the yard finding food. Good to see that there was plenty for them to eat after the recent rain.




9 thoughts on “Magpie Meanderings

  1. Magnificent Maggies Sue! they are one of the most human trusting of our birds, like the Kookers, the only part of Australia I have not seen them is in Broome and its surrounds. It is interesting that the PeeWee (Magpie Lark) is dominant there. The rangers at the bird observatory said it is an interesting study as to why.

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    1. Thanks Ashley. Our magpie Igor is quite a grumpy bird at the moment, chasing off the kookas and currawongs if they land in the trees around our house, so there have been a number of noisy kerfuffles of late.

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