Rainbow Lorikeets On A Rainy Day

We haven’t had much rain at all here in South East Queensland, it’s been a very dry winter so far. When it does rain, the birds and animals seem to get noisy with excitement over a bit of precipitation. Several weeks ago we had a good drop of rain one day and it wasn’t long before our veranda became a sanctuary for many wet and bedraggled rainbow lorikeets.

At first, some birds stayed in the tree.

rainbow lorikeets in tree
How many rainbow lorikeets can you see?

But as the rain became heavier, they flew onto the veranda for shelter.

Then more came.

And then more!

They were huddled everywhere.

But the heavy rain didn’t stop some lorikeets from eating ……

Or fighting ……

And some just sat at the empty feeder in the pouring rain.

It got a bit noisy there for awhile, but once the birds had dried off and the rain eased many of them took advantage of the break in the weather and flew off. Others just didn’t seem to care …..  🙂




8 thoughts on “Rainbow Lorikeets On A Rainy Day

  1. What a beautiful addition to one’s verandah during the rain storm. A great little story of pictures Sue. There are just so many of them. We find the same here, we always hear their excited chatter throughout the day as we do the Noisy Miners and the Sulphur-cresteds. Have a wonderful weekend!

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