Possums Eating Banana

Those of you who have been following my blog will probably remember my regular brushtail possums who live in one of my possum boxes, mum Heidi and her little girl Chloe.

Well, it seems I have made a bit of progress with these two. The last time I went to check on them, Chloe allowed me to pat her a few times. And her mum Heidi who always remains hidden in the darkness of the box so I can only see her paws hanging onto the entrance hole, is now showing her face and happily taking the food from me.

Here’s a short video I took recently of Chloe eating some banana. She was waiting for me on top of the box. If you turn up the sound you’ll hear how noisy she is munching. 😀

And here’s a quick video I took recently of Heidi as she took her piece of banana. Finally you can get a decent look at her.

Aren’t they cute!


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