Wildlife Visitors in August 2017

August was another month of warmish winter weather here in Queensland, barely a drop of rain all month, and quite a few days of over 25 degrees including two days of 29 degrees! (That’s 84 for the Farenheit people).  Despite the enjoyable, although unseasonal, conditions, I didn’t get to see too much in the way of birds in the backyard this month, all because of this –

This is Igor, a local male magpie. He and his girl have built a nest somewhere close to our house and he has been viciously chasing away all other meat eating birds from anywhere near our place. This year he seems particularly extreme in his actions and has apparently widened his boundaries and has started attacking the little pied butcherbirds which he has never done before.

I often find Igor on the veranda in this defensive pose. He even hangs out in the surrounding gum trees like this too.

As a result, I have had almost no visits from the pied currawongs, pied butcherbirds, and even the kookaburras seem to have moved somewhere else, which is disappointing as they had been starting to prepare an old termite mound on a gum tree near our house for their nest. Sometimes I catch a glimpse of these birds in the gum trees a few doors down, but as soon as they come anywhere closer, Igor is off like a rocket after them.

As for the rainbow lorikeets, there are quite a few around at the moment, however, they just sit in the trees and glare and make a lot of noise. We ran out of our usual lorikeet mix and had to buy another brand and apparently the loris don’t care for it.

That yucky stuff again? Are you serious?

We also had a visit by a rather naughty sulphur crested cockatoo who got stuck into the fruit on the loquat tree with reckless abandon. I posted this video a few weeks ago but I’ve included it here again for anyone who missed it. After watching this video, you can appreciate just how destructive these little beggars can be on crops especially when in large numbers.

Quite a bit has been happening with the visiting possums of a night. It seems that Mummy possum has turfed her joey out of home as they are no longer seen together. Here’s Mummy possum on the veranda and I’m pretty sure she has a tiny joey growing in her pouch, which is probably why the older one had to move on.

Here’s Mummy’s joey that is now out on its own, but I’m a bit worried about how its looking. Maybe it needs to find a better home to sleep in during the day.

This is young Chloe enjoying a banana snack. You may remember her as the young one living in a possum box with her mum.

And this sight was quite a surprise. This is Heidi, Chloe’s mother, who looks like her joey will make an appearance very shortly. I think Chloe is lucky her mum is still allowing her to hang around if she has another baby to care for. But I bet the possum box is getting crowded!

And this is another regular possum, Sassy, who has a joey in her pouch as well – you can see the black tail of the little one sticking out. We should be seeing this little one very soon.

Hopefully next month’s post will have photos of cute backrider joeys for you. 🙂

Didn’t see much in the way of insects during the month, but I did come across this small praying mantis on a milkweed plant. As I watched, it nabbed a little fly off a leaf and proceeded to consume it in front of me. Mmmm, tasty!

And lastly, I captured this lot of Torresian crows in some tall gums at the bottom of our property.

A murder of crows. I’ve been dying to get a photo like this. 😀

I hope you enjoyed this month’s wildlife round up. 🙂

This is my participation in a monthly event called Wildlife Wednesdays hosted by Tina of My Gardner Says… You can see the wildlife visitors of other participants here.

20 thoughts on “Wildlife Visitors in August 2017

    1. Thanks! I just use an Olympus compact digital camera, nothing fancy. I try and carry it with me as much as possible. Best tip I can give you is to know your animals well. And maybe take a look at a book or two by a wildlife photographer, they give you great tips and ideas for photos. 🙂

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  1. I love how you see so many of your visitors regularly and year on year that they become part of the family. And only see how they are becoming fussy and possessive! The possums are all lovely and I hope that the ousted joey catches a break and next time you see him looks glossy and rested.

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    1. It is kind of comforting in a way when you have regular wildlife visitors, and you’re right, they do feel like part of the family. You worry about them if you don’t see them in a while, you laugh at their antics, and you share food with them. It feels nice when you develop a bond of trust with an animal. Despite the noise and mess sometimes, I would miss the possums if they weren’t around.


    1. Thanks Donna. They are beautiful looking birds and have funny personalities. They can be very noisy sometimes but it’s still fun to have them around. 🙂

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  2. the possums all look so adorable Sue, though I can see why you are concerned about one of the joeys he/she does look like they had a night (or should that be day) on the tiles!
    it’s a shame that Igor is chasing off the other birds so you cannot enjoy them, lets hope when his young have fledged he will become more sociable with the other birds,

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    1. Thanks Frances, I hope Igor will calm down again soon too. I guess it is Nature at work, he is just protecting his family after all. Maybe with less food around due to the very dry conditions here and the hawks I’ve seen flying overhead, it’s making his job even harder this year.

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  3. That male Maggie looks quite aggressive it might be more appropriate to call murder by magpie rather than of crows. It looks like he is more vigilant because he is doing it alone. The possums are doing well. It is interesting that kookaburras like to use termite nests for nesting, I have seen that also. Dry it is, and bushfire danger increases for summer. Thanks Sye for the interesting update.

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    1. I suppose it is hard for the magpies, with the very dry weather here, maybe not much insects or worms about, so they become more territorial. Today I saw a pair of some type of hawk circling above our house, and both magpies were making strange noises and trying to get the hawks to fly after them and not go near their nest. Poor maggies, it’s a hard life for them.

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    1. The possums are indeed cute, and the joeys are even cuter, but they do make a lot of noise when they run along the veranda or on the roof. 🙂


  4. Igor is quite serious about his territory. The Cockatoo looks to make quick work of those loquats and doesn’t tidy up either. Picky Lorikeets are funny. We have different birds sort through the seed mix and toss the ones they don’t eat over the side. A bit wasteful I tell them but other animals come along and pick the seeds off the ground.

    A murder of crows, how fun. We have mostly Grackles and their groupings are called “a plague”. I need to get a photo so I can use that!

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    1. Since we bought a bulk bag of lorikeet mix, I keep putting some out hoping they’ll eat it at some point. My husband has seen a lone lorikeet having a few bites of it then flying off in disgust. Any leftovers are being eaten by the possums. We’re going to have buy the proper lori mix that they like and start mixing it with the yucky stuff, hopefully they’ll eat that. 🙂


  5. I love Igor’s stance–I’m not sure I would challenge him, either. But I am sorry that he’s keeping some of your birds away. His nesting guard is temporary, I’m sure, and you’ll be back birding as usual. I love your little colony of possums. I didn’t realize just how many were regular visitors. I look forward to seeing the new additons! Thanks for joining in, Sue!

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