One Happy Cockatoo In The Rain

After several months with barely a drop of rain, we finally received a decent rainfall on 1st October. It was a sweet sound to hear the raindrops falling on the tin roof and thankfully the rain will provide much needed food for the birds and animals. I quickly discovered that I wasn’t the only one enjoying this change in the weather. About 8 sulphur crested cockatoos suddenly appeared shortly after the rain started, flying around in the sky like lunatics screeching loudly, and landed in the gum trees. I watched them for awhile then realised they looked like they were so joyful about the rain coming, I grabbed my camera and filmed this.

I hope this video made you laugh as much as I did. 😀






6 thoughts on “One Happy Cockatoo In The Rain

  1. Hallo Sue
    That’s just gorgeous. I’m out of the country at the moment, and have only experienced the coming of the rain second hand. It’s great to see the cockatoo taking such pleasure in the wet.

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    1. Hi Sarah. It’s lovely here at the moment, we’ve had rain on and off for awhile now, its overcast and much cooler, and the birds and animals look happier as there’s more food for them all now. Hope you’re enjoying your time overseas wherever you may be.


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