A Tale of Two Possums

You may remember me writing previously about two brushtail possums that seem to be making their home in a possum box in our outside laundry. I call them the possum box sitters. They are Heidi, an adult female possum, and Chloe, her joey who has grown up and continues to live alongside her, which I think is a bit unusual for possums. Well, there has been a development …

Heidi and Chloe sharing the possum box

Chloe seems to be always either inside the box or sleeping on top of it, whereas Heidi comes and goes. Sometimes I have found both possums in the box at the same time – it must be a tight squeeze for two adult possums!

Despite being mother and daughter, these girls love their food and don’t like to share, as you can see in the video below.

All’s fair in love and carrot war!

One morning I was in the laundry and noticed something a little unusual.

I could not believe I was seeing a little tail! I waited quietly and patiently and was finally rewarded with this –

Chloe has become a mum!!

The next day I went to check on the possums because it was very hot and I thought I should open up the door and window for them to circulate the air, and I found that Chloe had moved to a spot in the rafters. This may have been cooler for her as there was a gap in the wall around a pipe and she could get a breeze. Then I saw the tiny joey again, probably misbehaving as I could hear Chloe usher quiet little noises to it.

The joey’s little tail hangs down with a cute little curl
The joey drinking from mum’s pouch.
You’re not going anywhere little one!
Come back here and behave! Says mum
Safe and sound snuggled in with mum

I couldn’t get to see the joey’s face, it seemed to have its head buried in mum’s pouch a lot, but it looks a dear little thing.

Having spent some time watching these two, I thought I may as well see if Heidi was in the box, so I grabbed my camera and took a photo through the hole and captured this –

Heidi in the possum box with a pinky joey

Heidi was just waking up when I snapped the photo, and she looks hot in the box as she’s stretched out, but you can see the tiny joey she has in her pouch. Here’s a close up.

A close up of the tiny pinky joey

So Heidi has also become a mum! Heidi is on to her third joey in about 12 months!

I have to say, that little pinky joey is definitely the smallest joey I have ever seen in my backyard!

Two little babies, completely unexpected, what a double delight!

I could not have asked for a better way to end the year. Happy New Year everyone!




15 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Possums

  1. Wow, Sue–this is an impressive set of photos! Congratulations to Chloe, Heidi and you! I look forward to seeing and reading about this little group of possums.

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    1. You’re welcome. It’s good to see so many people like the possums because I know some people don’t. How anyone can resist those little pink noses, I don’t know. 🙂


  2. oh Sue, what a beautiful experience, these girls certainly see you and your laundry as a safe friendly place, such a wonderful story and photos,
    wishing you lots of wildlife advertures in your garden in 2018, Frances

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    1. Thanks Ashley. It feels like a privilege to be let in on the secret lives of these animals. But that little pinky joey is the highlight of the year for me! Happy new year to you as well!

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    1. Thanks Sue. I think this is the reward you get when you offer a bit of kindness towards another creature. I’m looking forward to watching these little ones grow up.


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