One Hungry Baby Kookaburra

Warning – this post may be squeamish for some readers.

For the second year running, a pair of kookaburras have brought their young to show us, although there is only one baby this time around.

Adult kookaburra on the left with a juvenile.

A few days ago I heard the baby kookaburra begging for food in the gum tree by the house and I went out to watch. One of the parents killed a mouse somewhere and brought it to the baby for its evening meal.

The young kookie looked quite happy about it!

Then it sat there on the branch for a minute or so juggling the mouse around in its beak.Then all of a sudden, in one quick movement, down it went!

The young bird seemed quite satisfied.

And then started begging for food again! πŸ˜€






15 thoughts on “One Hungry Baby Kookaburra

      1. I became aware one day of a fearful racket caused by Kookaburras so took my camera out to investigate. I managed to get video of 3 Kookaburras in a tug of war over a rat. You can be lucky sometimes.

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  1. What wonderful captures Sue! that little mouse was such a good catch and it is always good to see the tail hanging from the young bird’s mouth. This post complements my post this week with baby and adult Kookas. Have a wonderful week and keep cool, as we all have heatwaves, though we have a cool windy southerly day today, all quite extraordinary!

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