Wildlife Visitors in January 2018

January was a busy month for me as I was taking on extra work on weekends, but I still managed to see plenty of wildlife visitors in my backyard, some of which are featured here.

The kookaburra family only has one baby this year, and they have been visiting quite a lot. Here’s a photo of the baby (not so little anymore!) with one of the parents on the left.

kookaburras in a gum tree

Here it is again looking very hungry.

kookaburras in a gum treeI was fortunate one day to see the young one being fed a mouse, so if you would like to see pictures click here and if you would like to see the young kookaburra eating some leftover prawns I had one day click here.

The backyard was also a abuzz with the arrival of some blue faced honeyeaters. Apparently they like the flowers on the banana tree.

The rainbow lorikeets have increased in numbers again, possibly food was getting scarce since we only had the briefest drop of rain all month. And they have been cooling off in our roof guttering again. I think the water is cool because it’s run off from the air conditioner, and as you can see in the video below, they are thoroughly enjoying themselves!

I also got to see more of the eastern water dragon. Late one afternoon I spied him warming himself on the concrete, his big red chest on display. Doesn’t he look magnificent?!

male eastern water dragon red chestThis guy also turned up unexpectedly one day to eat some leftover prawns along with the kookaburras, click here to see pictures.

A visitor we don’t see very often was this big guy – a goanna, or lace monitor, as it’s also known.

goanna lace monitor in treeThis goanna caused quite a stir when he made an appearance. You can see more photos and video in my earlier post here.

My little posse of possums seems to be ever growing. This photo is of Sassy (the one who has her tongue sticking out all the time) and she has a joey as you can see.

Sassy munching food on the roof. You can just see a joey’s leg sticking out of the pouch.

And this is no kookaburra hanging out in the kookaburra nesting box, but at least it’s being used!

possum in kookaburra nesting box

This is newcomer Minnie and she has an older joey with her. But the young one must be quite a handful because most nights there is such a loud screeching coming from the box. I went out with a torch one night to investigate in case there was an unwelcome visitor causing trouble, but it was just Minnie screaming at her joey in the box. Maybe she’d had enough of his whining to go out and play and sent him to the naughty corner.

And this possum was too far away to tell who it was.

brushtail possum in box

brushtail possum in box

But he or she likes their new home.

And lastly, I’d like to share a few short clips of one of my favourite possums, Chloe, who has a young joey. In my last monthly wildlife round up post I shared some images of the glimpses I got of the tiny joey, well, now it has grown. Here they both are on 6th January –

Isn’t that little one adorable? It’s so young it doesn’t even resemble mum yet!

And here they are on 28th January –

You can see that the joey has more fur on and actually looks like a possum now. It’s also starting to investigate its surroundings, from the safety of mum’s back of course!


Thanks for reading about my backyard wildlife visitors! 🙂

This is my participation in a monthly event called Wildlife Wednesdays hosted by Tina of My Gardner Says… You can see the wildlife visitors of other participants here.








14 thoughts on “Wildlife Visitors in January 2018

  1. What a great post Sue and the water dragon has spectacular taste in waistcoats still! Your photographs are so clear I feel like I could reach out and touch the Kookaburras etc. I think the possums must be passing on information about the luxury accommodation you are providing.

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  2. I still absolutely adore the kookaburras, the bluefaced honeyeater is another new bird to me and unusual looking, love the video of the lorrikeets bathing, they are loving it and your eastern water dragon looks dressed in his Sunday best, thanks for sharing Sue, Frances

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    1. I don’t often see the blue faced honeyeaters, another native bird, the noisy miner, often bullies them away, so they must have been quite hungry to hang around for a few days. An interesting thing about the birds is that the juveniles have an olive green face until they mature.

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  3. I would need some time getting used to seeing a goanna in the trees. The bright red vest on your water dragon makes him quite the sartorial standout in the garden. Pretty and fun birds and cute possums are always fun to see on your blog.

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  4. Some great shots Sue, love he one of the water dragon and of course the Loris showering in the gutter. The weather has been a moderate 32°C the last few days for a change, and the mornings are starting to feel like early Autumn. Enjoy the rest of the week!

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    1. Thanks Ashley. Not sure if the dragon is a regular who has matured or if he’s a new visitor as we’ve never seen one with the red colouring before. Hope you can keep cool in the upcoming heatwave.

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  5. You always have so many interesting animals! Your newest joey is so, so cute! Mama Chloe is cute too! It’s always great to see your beautiful birds, but the goanna and eastern water dragon are fascinating! Are they year-round residents or visitors at certain times of the year?

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    1. The dragons appear to live on our property but I usually only see them when they’re looking for warmth in the sun, while the goanna has only been spotted during summer. He was probably headed to my chook pen for the eggs.


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