Grey Gum Trees

The grey gum tree, Eucalytus punctata, is native to South East Queensland where I live. It can grow as tall as 35 metres. I have a few of these trees on my acreage property.

A grey gum tree on my property.

The trunk of the grey gum has patchy colours of white and grey, with orange patches showing new bark.


The fruit of a gum tree is called a gum nut.


The old bark peels off in long ribbons and is often seen caught in tree forks. There is usually a large pile of shed bark around the base of the trunk.

The flowers provide a food source for nectar eating birds and possums as well as the grey headed flying fox. The leaves on the grey gum are also a tasty treat for koalas.

Grey gum flower. (Photo from Plant Native)

This particular grey gum has lots of scratches of different sizes on the trunk, from the base all the way up the tree as far as I could see. Koalas? Possums? Goannas? The tree obviously gets plenty of use.

Gum trees shed their bark once a year.


3 thoughts on “Grey Gum Trees

  1. Yes Sue I know these trees as the Koala tree, and they do look lovely after rain. Something we have not seen for a while here. You certainly have an arboretum of fine Aussie hardwoods in your backyard. Enjoy the weekend šŸ˜Š

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    1. Once upon a time I thought a gum tree was just a gum tree. It’s not until you look closer that you realise they are so much more. We’ve had rain on and off the last few days, hope it goes down your way as you guys really need it at the moment. Have a great weekend!

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