Spotted Gum Tree

The spotted gum tree, Corymbia maculata, is a slow grower and can get to 45 metres tall. They are found along the east coast of mainland Australia.  Nearly half the trees on my acreage are spotted gums of varying sizes.

Just one of the many spotted gum trees on my property.


Gum leaves hang downwards to prevent loss of moisture and minimise exposure to the sun.


The spotted gum has a smooth bark that is creamy-white in colour. The old bark which is grey, falls off in patches, and this is what gives the tree a mottled or spotted appearance.

You will often see spotted gums in parklands as they are good providers of shade and protection against wind as well as being a good home for wildlife.

The bark on one spotted gum on my property clearly shows the scratches of possums who traversed the tree to use the possum box.

The spotted gum has small white flowers that are enjoyed by nectar eating birds and possums.  The leaves are also a food source for koalas.

Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Eucalypt trees make up 75% of the tree population in Australia.

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  1. Thanks Sue, I am enjoying your tree showcase of our beautiful trees! They are so uniquely Aussie. Though I did get a surprise to find many planted and quite tall along the Jordan River in Israel, as they are so hardy and good for shade. Enjoy your week, still no rain. My brother at Forster said they have been deluged but Sydney misses out. The birds and trees are so drought stressed.

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