Wildlife Visitors in April 2018

I was somewhat busier than normal in April so didn’t have as much opportunity to take many photos of the wildlife visitors, so I only have a few to share with you on this occasion.

Here are two sulphur crested cockatoos, eyeing me off and walking up and down the veranda, probably wanting to have a chew on the wooden railing when I’m not looking!

Two sulphur crested cockatoos up to no good

I saw quite a lot of these grey butcherbirds, which upset the pied butcherbirds so I was an audience a number of times for some aerial combat between the two species. Lots of noise and flicking of wings but I didn’t notice anyone actually getting hurt.

Grey butcherbird

There were so many rainbow lorikeets around, word must have got out about our feeding station.

Rainbow lorikeets
A loving pair

They would gather in growing numbers in the gum tree by the house squawking and carrying on and then continued the din while they ate up the feed in record time.

There was lots of nocturnal activity from the regular brushtail possum visitors. There was plenty of trampling along our roof, running up and down the veranda, screeching and hissing coming out of the darkness, and in the mornings tufts of possum fur would be seen.

Here’s one of the quieter times. I shot this quick video through a glass sliding door so as not to disturb them.

This is Sassy and her joey.

And here’s George in a gum tree (complete with a bush cockroach!).

And then Mummy possum came to visit. Mummy is the loveliest possum ever. Interestingly, she did not have a joey this year. She has to be at least 9 years old and maybe too old to breed now.

When I noticed her at the door, I tried to go out with some peanuts but she wouldn’t let me as she was after the food so I had to put the container in front of her and start to gently push her away from the door so I could get out.

And then our old cat Basil woke up and came over to see what was going on. The container of nuts was shoved outside real quick and the door closed!

When I put the cat away in a room and was able to get outside without letting the possum inside, I put some nuts out for her to eat and she let me pat her for a bit. She is such a gentle creature.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my backyard wildlife visitors.

This is my participation in a monthly event called Wildlife Wednesdays hosted by Tina of My Gardner Says… You can see the wildlife visitors of other participants here.








14 thoughts on “Wildlife Visitors in April 2018

  1. Another set of gorgeous pics! Brushies have a peculiar behaviour where they really don’t mind being petted while eating: they seem to zone out, and remain focussed on the food. Once the food’s gone they’d shoot off, of course, rather than let you pet them. It’s a bit disappointing when you think about it: here you are giving them a stroke, thinking that you’re friends, when really they’re just after the food and remain 100% focussed on it while it’s available! As soon as the food’s gone (or they lose interest, which happens a lot too), they pretend like they’ve never met you and disappear into the night!

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    1. I think Mummy possum just wants to come inside and check out where the food comes from lol. She has no fear that one.


    2. I would definitely say it’s the food – see my other comment. They are really only tolerant of gentle handling when they’re feeding. Otherwise, they have this strange way of behaving as if you’re literally not there at all, and certainly won’t let you stroke them unless they’re eating. In short, they always remain wild animals, and are not particularly interested in humans unless you’ve got food on offer.

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  2. I loved seeing your backyard visitors and their happenings! The photos and videos are awesome. The Rainbow Lorikeets are so pretty with all their colors. And just love the possums, including Mummy who is so special to enjoy every year, she’s does know you are her friend. 🙂

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  3. As always, wonderful photos and visitors. The lorikeets are really noisy, but so beautiful! Your Basil was cute, nosing up to Mummy. Have you been able to pat her before?

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    1. Yes, Mummy possum has been visiting us for many years and I’ve been able to pat her quite a number of times. She’s so lovely.


  4. I can’t imagine what it would be like to see rainbow lorikeets or cockatoos outside my residence! That’s so amazing, especially with the foliage in the background. Thanks for posting these! 🙂

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