My First Bird Sightings In Tasmania

I have been living here in Tasmania for a few weeks now and during that time I have spotted a few different birds so thought I would do a quick post with what I have seen so far.

These are birds I have seen in a park across the road and in the nextdoor neighbour’s backyard. Unfortunately, where I am currently staying, there is no yard at all as it’s a unit. Although I am extremely grateful that my friends Bill and Helen have let me stay in their holiday unit I find my own place here, I am hoping it won’t take me too long to find a new home with a backyard so I can once again enjoy local wildlife visitors.

My first photo is actually the very first birds I saw on arrival here. These Magpies look quite different to what I’m used to seeing in Queensland. These ones have a white back instead of the black backs found up north. It is quite comforting to still be able to hear the familiar melodious warbling of magpies in the mornings.


This is a Spotted dove, a common enough bird in suburban areas everywhere.

Spotted dove

Turns out there are quite a number of these European Blackbirds around. I haven’t seen one of these birds since leaving Sydney more than 20 years ago.

European blackbird (male)
European blackbird (female)

Not a great photo, but these are Tasmanian Native Hens, referred to as “turbo chooks” by the locals. I spotted these in a new development area when I went for a drive.Β  And their behaviour really does remind me of chickens the way they forage and run down the road with their wings out trying not to get left behind by the group. πŸ˜€

Tasmanian Native Hens

Since arriving here in Tassie, I had been hearing a very strange bird call and it took me ages to try and spot one and then get a decent picture of it. It’s a Little Wattlebird.

Little Wattlebird

I even managed to get a snippet of its call:


I spotted this Green RosellaΒ in the park one morning. This bird was a first for me!

Green rosella

And here it is again, looking a bit cold in the weak morning sunshine.

Green rosella

This Silver gull (seagull) spotted me eating my lunch in the park across the road from work one day. He waited patiently till I had finished, and when I left to return to work, he checked around for any crumbs.

And finally, I have seen many of these Masked Lapwings, or plovers. I often seen them in the park or along the roadside, and I hear their squawking call during the night, probably warning something off their territory.

Masked lapwing or plover

So some interesting bird sightings for me in my new environment here in Tasmania. I wonder what I will see next?



13 thoughts on “My First Bird Sightings In Tasmania

  1. Hi Sue
    We loved visiting Tamar Island Wetlands while we were in Launceston which is a haven for birdlife. Looking forward to reading more of your Tassie posts!!!

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    1. Thanks, yes, I have seen the wetlands, it’s not far away so will definitely be going there to see what wildlife I can spot. The scenery everywhere here is just beautiful, it’s like going on a scenic drive to work everyday!

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  2. Fantastic sightings already, Sue, so wonderful & superb, I am glad you got a chance to share them with us. I hope you’re settling in nicely with all that is new. Best wishes for finding your own place with a yard, I know the wildlife will love you as their neighbor!! πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks Donna. I miss my regular bird visitors and of course my possum friends, so hoping I can find a suitable place and start again and see who drops by. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks. So far so good. It’s a big adjustment going from a warm sunny Queensland winter to cold and wintry Tasmania with fog and frost, but I have now a nice selection of coats and scarves and liking the fresh cool weather here. πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks Sarah. It’s lovely down here, everywhere I go is a scenic drive. It’s a bit cold, but hopefully I’ll adjust in no time. πŸ™‚


  3. Sue I did not know you have moved to Tassie. That’s a big change from the head and humidity of Queensland. Those native hens are known by the locals as ‘Turbo Chooks’ as they run so fast. Look out for the Yellow Wattlebird with its long pendulous wattles. Which part of Tassie are you in? Enjoy your new home!

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    1. Hi Ashley. I’m in the Launceston area. At the moment, I’m a mere 5 min drive to work in the CBD. Everything is so close and convenient here. There is lovely scenery wherever I go. I’m currently house hunting, hoping to find a place with a good backyard for wildlife visitors. I decided to move here as the opportunity came up after a big change in my circumstances. So I get to start a new life here on my own. So far I feel like it was the right thing to do, everyone I’ve met is so friendly, and I’m starting to wind down from the hustle and bustle of the Gold Coast. Although I do miss my favourite bird friends and of course my possums.

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