First Visit To Tamar Island Wetlands

Just 10 minutes drive out of Launceston in Tasmania is the Tamar Island Wetlands.  I was looking forward to a nice day out birdwatching, however, it turned out to be an extremely cold morning and with only a little sunshine that was very weak so I didn’t stay as long as I had planned.

Sign near the entrance to the wetlands
A great cormorant sunning itself with rather cold looking groups of various ducks
A section of the boardwalk
A black swan foraging
Looking back to the Information Centre
Australian Shelduck
A bird’s eye view for these Australasian swamphens
Australasian swamphen
Swamp paperbark trees along the path to the bird hide
Bird hide
My first sighting of a wild Tamar wallaby. We surprised each other as I came out of the bird hide!
This swamphen was showing me the way!
Morning low tide looking back to the suburb of Riverside
Masked lapwing (plover)
White faced heron
Grey teals trying to keep warm in the cold
Further along the path, looking across the Tamar River on the left and the suburb of Riverside on the right
Great egret and a swamphen
Chestnut teals and grey teals trying to warm up in the early morning sun
More birds trying to keep warm. Who can blame them when it was only 6 degrees!
Grey teal


Female superb fairy wren
At this point I turned back as it was too cold for me. But I’ll be better prepared on my next visit.

The Tamar Island Wetlands is a great place to visit, whether it just be for a nice scenic walk or to try your hand at birdwatching. Entry fee is a few dollars donation and is definitely worth the small admission cost. Don’t forget to drop into the Information Centre there and chat to the friendly and helpful volunteers.

I can’t wait to visit again and see what wildlife I find! 🙂

13 thoughts on “First Visit To Tamar Island Wetlands

  1. Beautiful series, Sue! I love the boardwalk scenes, how they entice you to want to follow along! 🙂 For as cold as it was, you still had awesome sightings. What a treat to see wild Tamar wallaby!!

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  2. Sad it was so cold Sue, though Tassie winters do get very cold even up the top. You saw most of the birds we have seen there, including the beautiful Shelduck. Shame there are so many reeds there now, it would be good if they cleared some of them but they won’t . Have a warmer weekend and enjoy your new location.

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    1. Thanks Sarah, it was still a nice day out, but looking forward to going back again with better conditions. It’s a lovely outlook at the wetlands no matter the weather though. 🙂


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